Swiss Holidays: Mountain Biking in the Alps

At Inspired we propose a unique mountain biking holiday in the Swiss Alps. A week long holiday of riding the Swiss Alps with Inspired will leave you with a lifetime of memories on and off the singletrack.

Our mountain bike holidays offer the best of the rich Swiss mountain culture, cuisine and outdoors. Join the Inspired Mountain Bike Adventures guides on their daily dose of high alpine trail flow down to the Valais.


The Swiss Alps may be some of the most weathered terrain of all of Europe but the Swiss surely have the warmest welcome when it comes to travellers.

The Swiss never cease to impress, whether it be in reference to the punctuality of the complex public transport system or the diversity of their cuisine, details like these make your holidays pleasing.


The possibilities of mountain biking in the Alps are endless. No other place in the world has such an extensive trail network built over hundreds if not thousands of years. These same trails that served for trade and communication are now ideal for mountain biking. The mountain biking terrain is as diverse as the landscape in the Alps, smooth singletrack leading miles down into the valley or more technical trails to access the high altitude summits.

Served by the public transport system access for mountain bikers into the mountains eases the pain of climbing for hours and makes for endless flowing downhills. Europeans have been mountain biking in the Alps for decades and now the word has spread. Come mountain bike these incredible Alps with Inspired Mountain Bike Adventures.