Mountain Bike Tour Operator, Alps Switzerland

Inspired Mountain Bike Adventures is a mountain bike tour operator based in the Alps of Switzerland.

Our mountain bike tours attract avid mountain bikers looking for a unique riding and cultural experience in the Swiss Alps. We have been exploring this region for over a decade to provide our clients with insights and experiences like no other mountain bike tour operator.


Our guides have been guiding mountain bike tours in the Alps of Switzerland since 2000. Years of experience have led us create a mountain bike experience of unprecedented quality.

Inspired Mountain Bike Adventures has blended Swiss trails, mountain cultures and timeless quality to make us the leading mountain bike tour operator in the Swiss Alps.


The Alps have long occupied the imagination and dreams of adventurers, explorers and travellers. No where else in the world can one see such an antique culture in such a mountainous environment.

Switzerland has the highest number of peaks culminating above 4000 meters in the entire Alps. The Swiss Alps are even home to a UNESCO site for Europe’s longest glacier at over 14 miles long. Come explore these natural wonders with Inspired Mountain Bike Adventures.