Alpine Mountain Biking tours in Switzerland

A 7 day mountain bike tour through some of the most breathtaking alpine scenery Switzerland has to offer.

We’ve been exploring the Valais region of Switzerland for the best singletrack for over a decade gathering the secrets of this mountain bike holiday Mecca. Inspired Mountain Bike Adventures tours the Valais region situated in southwest Switzerland, with its high alpine terrain among the Alps highest peaks.


Inspired Mountain Bike Adventures has compiled the ultimate mountain bike tour. No need to spend weeks planning and preparing as we have designed the definitive mountain bike tour in Switzerland.

Spend your days mountain biking through some of the most unbelievable scenery imaginable. Our tours were designed to take you directly to Switzerland’s best mountain biking spots so that you have only to enjoy them.


Switzerland is quickly becoming Europe’s mountain bike mecca and will surely grow in popularity even in comparison to more traditional spots like Moab or British Columbia. The opportunities to mountain bike in Switzerland are infinite and there are certainly still trails to be explored.

The charm of the high mountain people and their unchanged culture gives a unique backdrop to the mountain bike experience in Switzerland. Inspired Mountain Bike Adventures will guide you through our week long tour to ensure your high alpine biking experience.