Mountain Biking in Europe's Alps

Deep in the Alps, in the heart of Europe, Inspired Mountain Bike Adventures is perched up on a mountainside overlooking the Valais region and its immense landscape of snow-capped peaks and network of trails and singletrack.
The mountain biking in this part of the Alps is without limits. From riding along Europe’s longest glacier, to cruising down from high alpine pastures in the fertile valley below, any mountain bike enthusiast can find his/her delight.


Immerse yourself in the rich mountain cultures of the Alps and enjoy what may become your best mountain bike holiday. The Alps are Europe’s dominant mountain range and are world renowned for their natural beauty and the mountain villages that are nestled in their valleys and perched on their summits.
Learn more about the Alps and the unique european high alpine cultures which have stayed authentic for hundreds of years. Travel on your bikes through remote villages where time seems to have stalled and take a moment to absorb the alpine backdrop.


To some long flowing singletrack is the essence of mountain biking. Inspired Mountain Bike Adventures we’ve created a unique mountain biking experience blending the exhilaration of flowing singletrack with a backdrop which will have you gazing out at the view before dropping into our 10,000 foot descents.
No other form of transportation can compare with mountain biking to bring you to such remote and unique destinations.