Valais, Switzerland

The Valais is one of Switzerland’s most diverse regions, en-globing its highest summits as well as the fertile Rhone valley, with its orchards and mountainside vineyards bathing in a Mediterranean style climate.

360° vistas of 14,000 ft peaks and ancient glaciers are not uncommon at the beginning of every descending trail in the region.

The trail network here existed long before the word “singletrack” ever left anyone’s mouth. For centuries footpaths have slowly been carved into the mountain sides, allowing trade between valleys and the surrounding regions. Our exploration of these trails began over 10 years ago and we are passionate about sharing our favourite collection of trails with our guests. The Valais lacks nothing of what a mountain biker can wish for. The trails vary as much as the altitude.

From top to bottom, each trail expresses its own character with a mix of speed, flow, rhythm, and technical features to amuse riders of all levels. Along the trails don’t forget to just stop and gaze out in wonder at the landscape. Nowhere in the world is the mountain culture so embedded in the surroundings. The Swiss master the art of mountain habitation with beautifully constructed old world chalets and hamlets clinging to the steeps of the Alps. High above the tree-line we’ll visit the pastures and herdsmen producing local cheeses, before making our way to the valley floor and wine-tasting in the sun-drenched vineyards.

The balance of rugged alpine terrain and fine gastronomy ensures that the days are well spent and the evenings even better compensated for.