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Mountain Bike Guide Valais Swiss Alps

Our mountain bike guide philosophy is straight forward, bring our clients to the best trails the region has to offer in safe and secure manner. Our guiding is adapted to each group based on their physical and technical levels in addition to their trails liking. With twenty years’ experience in the region, we know how to orchestrate the best week of riding for each group.


Mountain Bike Guide Valais Alps

The vastness of the Valais Alps is the secret of its richness in trails. As bike mountain bike guides, since our introduction to the region 20 years ago, we have been searching for the best trails experiences. Whether they be high up in the alpine on a secluded mountain pass, or deep in the forest hanging over the valley floor, we have the type of trail in our repertoire that will please any rider, beginner or expert.


Mountain Bike Guide Switzerland

Our mountain bike guides have been exploring the Swiss alps for twenty years now, with a continued hunger to find new trails and live new experiences out in these legendary mountains. Our goal is to bring you to best trails, while adapting to your level of riding and expectations.