Conditions générales de vente

If you wish to participate in a trip with INSPIRED Mountain Bike Adventures, please have a thorough read and understand the following Terms and Conditions.


Comprehensive Medical Insurance is mandatory on all INSPIRED Mountain Bike Adventures. The trips proposed by INSPIRED Mountain Bike Adventures may take place in remote mountain areas where there is often little road access to medical services and/or hospitals. In some cases evacuation can be difficult and expensive, and therefore all trip participants must have aircraft evacuation coverage included in their medical insurance. Trip participants are responsible for purchasing medical insurance and are required to show proof before the trip departure.


Travel Insurance is highly recommended to reimburse fees due to any cancellations, delays, and/or loss or damage to baggage. Please thoroughly read the policy’s coverage.

• Trip cancellation: In the event of unexpected injuries, illness, or a death in the family, etc, trip costs can be reimbursed.

• Trip delay: In the event of a missed connection, flight interruptions or delays, any associated expenses may be reimbursed.

• Flight coverage: Flight accident coverage

• Baggage Coverage: In the event of delayed, lost, or damaged baggage any associated costs may be reimbursed.

For more details please contact your travel agent or visit sites such as


All cancellations should be documented by mail, fax or email to INSPIRED Mountain Bike Adventures. For all cancellations the following policy will apply.

90+ days prior to your trip – No cancellation fees

46 – 90 days prior to your trip – cancellation fee of 500 USD

0 – 45 days prior to your trip – cancellation fee of 1000USD

Travel/Cancellation insurance is strongly recommended

Note: Cancellation assessments will be calculated on the date INSPIRED Mountain Bike Adventures receives your written notification.


Once a trip is planned we will do everything in our power to respect the departure date. However if a cancellation does occur, then you will receive a full refund for the paid portion of your trip and a credit of 500 USD towards another INSPIRED Mountain Bike Adventures trip. INSPIRED Mountain Bike Adventures can not be responsible for any losses due to non-refundable airfare or travel costs. Please contact us before reserving your airline tickets.

5. Flights and Airfare

All INSPIRED Mountain Bike Adventures participants are responsible for booking and purchasing their own flight to Geneva airport in Switzerland. Participants are also responsible for any fees for bicycle transport. Please contact your airline to better understand their bicycle transport policy and any associated fees. INSPIRED Mountain Bike Adventures can assist you with booking your travels and any additional organization if you wish to extend your stay in Europe either before or after our trip.


All INSPIRD Mountain Bike Adventures participants should be in excellent health and physical condition. The trip itineraries require the ability to ride for at least 4 hours per day during seven consecutive days. The technical ability required is at least an intermediate level of technical skills.


INSPIRED Mountain Bike Adventures requests that all trip participants respect other participants and the INSPIRED Mountain Bike Adventures staff. This respect should begin with:

• A thorough understanding of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

• A thorough understanding of the Trip Itinerary.

• Having properly chosen a trip according to their fitness level and technical ability.

• Having the correct mechanically sound bike and equipment required for the trip.

• Common respect of the origins, sex, sexual orientation, occupation and other personal aspects of all participants and person encountered during the trip.

• Following the IMBA trail code (respecting the trail, trails users, bicycle control).

INSPIRED Mountain Bike Adventures reserves the right to ask a participant to leave a trip if the trail leader feels that the person’s continued participation may prove detrimental to the individual or to the well-being and /or safety of other participants. Reckless bike riding will not be tolerated on any INSPIRED Mountain Bike Adventures trip.